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  • Recycling CenterCombat Center recycling revenues exceed $580,000 annually. These revenues support employee salaries, maintain and upgrade equipment, and public outreach for a self sustained operation. Recycling efforts currently divert more than 42% of MSW generated from the landfill.
  • Other Pollution Prevention InitiativesThe installation wide e-waste recycling program now includes MCCS customer returns. The Combat Center sells used CRTs, LCD, and TVs to a CA approved recycler for $0.16/lb. Mattresses are diverted from the landfill and redistributed to nonprofit organizations. Tactical tires are shredded and sold through the Combat Center’s recycling center. Food waste at chow halls is composted and sold to private vendors.
  • Hazardous Materials ReutilizationSince May 2007, the Hazardous Material Reutilization Program has saved the installation $1.3 million annually in cost avoidance for new Hazardous Material purchases and waste disposal fees.
  • Hazardous Waste - Antifreeze Recycling and ReutilizationBetween January 2007 and January 2011, more than 18,200 gallons of used antifreeze has been recycled and reissued at no cost to activities aboard the Combat Center.
  • Hazardous WasteIn Fiscal Year 2008, Hazardous Waste reduction efforts yielded a net decrease of 114 tons of RCRA and Non-RCRA waste shipped off-site for disposal. This resulted in cost savings of $230,000.
  • Range Debris RecyclingExpended munitions collected from live fire ranges is demilitarized and sold as recycled scrap metal. More than 450 tons of metal is recycled annually.
  • Solvent RecyclingThe Combat Center has invested in used solvent processing equipment capable of recycling 30 gallons of contaminated solvent in less than 5 minutes. This mitigates the cost for new solvent and eliminates the cost of disposal.
  • Range Debris RecyclingThe Combat Center’s recycling program is so successful neighboring installations (MCAS Yuma, Camp Pendleton, and Edwards AFB) have started transporting their expended munitions for processing at the Range Residue Processing Center.
  • Bio-Remediation PlanThe MCAGCC Bio-remediation facility is the only one its kind in the Marine Corps. 600 tons of contaminated soil can be treated and used as landfill cover annually.
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