The 2nd annual USMC ServMart Customer Outreach Day will be from 10:00am until  2:00pm on Wednesday, March 21st. Refreshments will be served. Meet NASCAR driver  Tony Stewart. See three NASCARS on display, the Office Depot car, the  Stanley/Proto Tools car, and the DeWalt Tools car. Drive the Office Depot NASCAR  simulator. We will have over forty vendors displaying their products and  listening to your concerns. Their emphasis will be on Green Procurement and  Sustainable Practices. Combat Center service organizations are invited to  participate (contact Ms. Sai Sturms 830.1931 to reserve a table). This event is  for all active duty, federal employees, and eligible contractors.

The USMC ServMart is a world class issue point offering over 400,000 office  products, cleaning supplies, tools, hardware industrial products and equipment  solutions to keep federal customers supplied with what they need to accomplish  their mission. The USMC ServMart Enterprise is part of the USMC Logistics  Modernization Program. The USMC ServMart is a Continuous Process Improvement  program designed to transform its operations, in real-time, in support of our  customers. Customer service personnel are on-hand to solve each supply support  problem and adjust the inventory and referral catalog to meet the changing  demands of each unit, office and shop.

The Enterprise supports the Green Procurement Programs, Energy Independence  and Sustainability Goals, and Socio-Economic Goals of the Federal Government.  The Marine Corps and the General Services Administration established a strategic  partnership for supply support of all Marines worldwide. Building on the  experience of the Garrison Retail Supply operations at key installations the  Enterprise is designed, cooperatively, to provide customers a greater selection,  competitive costs, easy compliance with regulations, and improved service to  meet their mission requirements. The USMC ServMart integrates seamlessly with  financial accounting systems and provides automated reporting to supervisory  personnel and comptrollers. Policy is currently published in MARADMIN 602/09 and  will be published in MCO 4400.176. Help us celebrate the ongoing transformation!  Walk throught the USMC ServMart, enjoy the vendor displays and refreshments,  ride the NASCAR simulator, ask questions and make recommendations for  improvement.

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